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    Hello everyone,

    My name is Sjoerd de Bruin and I was born in the Netherlands. I've been actively contributing to Wikipedia since 2010 and became sysop on the Dutch Wikipedia in November 2013. Wikidata followed in 2013, where I've became sysop in February 2014 and oversighter in August 2015. I'm also helping on OTRS since January 2014. Also has been a member of the Arbitration Committee of the Dutch Wikipedia since March 2016. My main language is Dutch and I have advanced knowledge of English.

    In the last year, I have noticed a lack of active stewards on IRC in, for example, the European mornings. Urgent locks and oversights need to wait a long time for attention. I can complain about that, but I can also try to do something about it. This is one of main reasons why I've nominated myself this year. I'm always online to help people out, the same applies for international and local events in real-life! I have a decent amount of knowledge about LTA's and other situations on various Wikimedia projects.

    As steward, I would like to help with handeling (urgent) IRC requests and requests on the various pages on Meta. I hope the community will support me while I do the same to them.
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