Small Wiki Editor Engagement Project

Small wiki editor engagement is a fellowship project that is intended to take data-driven approach to research, experiment, and develop best practices for editor engagement and retention, focusing on the specific needs of “smaller” editing communities. This is an approved fellowship project, hosted by Wikimedia Foundation under their 2012 fellowship program. This project is based on the fellowship project idea, editor engagement strategies for new or smaller Wikipedias. But it could run differently as the situation come up.

Our Wikimania 2012 presentation about current works — download now!

This fellowship will start by focusing in Bengali Wikipedia which is a small wiki with over 23,000 articles and around 10-15 very active editors per month and 18,000 edits.

Objectives edit

The objective of this project is to improve editing environment in smaller wikis to increase editor retention rate.

Contact us edit

  • Ask your questions on our feedback page.
  • Or you can also e-mail to tanvir