Short Domain Name

See Wikimedia URL Shortener

It would be handy to have an ultra short domain name. For example, there is for eg: <---> see how easy ?

The ideal solution would be a 2 char secondary domain ,and a 2 char top level domain for example:

2 char prefixesEdit

  • wp short for wikipedia
    • is the short domain for, this could cause confusion
  • mw short for wikimedia

3 char prefixesEdit

  • wip short for wikipedia
  • wkp
  • wki
  • wik

So please try your countries' registrars and email them to make sure that the policy really is true.

List of namesEdit

Here is a list of tries:

Domain Availability emailed. pending response too short by policy taken ??? too short by policy taken taken ??? emailed. nebulous response: "reserved" even though itself has it taken ??? ??? available available available & easy to remember!

'I found free one: !!! en:user:MeirM

  • I think is not taken by anyone else -- Suisui 18:18, 19 May 2004 (UTC)