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Wikimedian-in-Residence — National Archives of the Republic of Macedonia
Државен архив на РМ The Wikimedian-in-Residence at the National Archives of the Republic of Macedonia (DARM) was appointed in June 2015 to improve the presence of archival heritage of Macedonia on Wikipedia and its sister projects. This is achieved by scanning and processing the material, uploading it on Wikimedia Commons, describing, collecting and sorting it, and ultimately, using it in existing articles or creating new articles inspired by the material in question.

Beginning with 15 June 2015[1], this position is held by Cvetko Nedelkovski (user Инокентиј), after an agreement was signed between the Archives and Shared Knowledge.

Four Gospels of Kičevo, 16th century

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The Interim Agreement between the Republic of Macedonia and Greece regarding the Macedonia naming dispute in its entirety scanned at the DARM

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Waiting on the translation of scanned documents by expert, essential for writing further articles. Work will resume as soon as this is done.

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