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Geoexpeditions (Macedonian: Геоекспедиции) is a project by Shared Knowledge with the goal of visiting mountainous areas and valleys aiming to cover, explore and photograph the various geographic landmarks in the relevant areas, such as peaks, ridges, topographic areas, passes, falls, forests, plateaus, rivers, brooks, streams, tributaries, waterfalls, lakes, as well as specific native (and endemic) flora and fauna. We also intend to explore soil types, rocks, hiking and mountaineering trails.

Two such expeditions are planned: Šar Mountain area and the Mokra massif. One is to take place during June-July, and the other in August-September 2016. We intend to stay in the local mountain lodges, serving as starting points of our exploration. Before, after and in between the expeditions, we intend to collect a considerable amount of research material on the areas visited, all of which is available in the fund of the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts (MANU), where the project organiser/expedition leader serves as our Wikimedian-in-residence.

Project progress edit

The progress of our Geoexpeditions and the project statistics can be found on this page.