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The European Science Photo Competition 2015 or ESPC 2015 (Macedonian: Европски натпревар за научна фотографија 2015) is a pan-European science photo competition was organized to bring more science to Wikipedia. An international competition makes it possible to reach out to the wider scientific community and make them aware of the possibility to share their findings and passion with wider audiences using visual communication and free environment of Wikimedia.

Macedonian logo of the ESPC
Macedonian logo of the ESPC

This kind of competition was first organised between the years 2011 and 2013 in by Wikimedia Estonia the concept was successfully tested during the Estonian Science Photo Competition and now it seems to be the right time for widening the scope of the project and increasing its impact.

The competition consists of two levels: there will be a local competition in each participating country and the local organizing team will forward chosen pictures to the international competition. The ESPC in Macedonia took place in November 2015, and it will have its own jury and awards. The winners will then be sent to enter the international competition.

Participation is not limited to "classical photos" as images in science can come at many shapes and forms. We do accept even computer generated images and we are fully aware that drawing specific boundaries to various categories is nearly impossible.It will be possible to add thematically linked images as sets: images added as one set would compete as one image for any prize, including Grand Prix. Set starts from 2 linked images and may include up to 10 images.

Note: All of the photos on this page were added to Wikipedia/Wikimedia Commons during Estonian Science Photo Competition.