Search emergency on English Wikipedia

Wikipedia English has swtiched to, which is perfectly fine, I have nothing against. Only thing, since the search is disabled, all requests are being sent off to Google. But Google hasn't had time to catalog, so any search ends up a dunce.

What someone needs to do is change the English Wikipedia's search function on Google back to just, then wait 20 days or less, until Google has cataloged the new location. Otherwise, nobody can search Wikipedia through Wikipedia itself. - user:zanimum

The main URL is still is a temporary alternate access via the other server, which logins are being directed to to ease pain of the main server's slowness for active contributors. I've fixed the point-to-google search form to use the address so you can still do a search while logged in on (but it'll point you back to, where your cookie may be invalid.) --Brion VIBBER 19:57, 24 Sep 2003 (UTC)
Okay, good, problem solved. Thanks Brion.