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The Saudi Wikimedia User Group is a voluntary group dedicated to enriching Wikipedia, and other Wikimedia projects, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Wikimedia Saudi Arabia sponsors various periodic activities to enrich Arabic Wikipedia and spread free knowledge, such as educational lectures, training and editing workshops, and essay writing competitions. We also work with libraries, museums, research centers, and various other parties interested in enriching Arabic content on the Internet.

The Saudi Wikimedia User Group was founded in August 2017, and currently has 25 volunteers interested in participating in 2022.

  1. Representing and promoting Wikimedia and its goals to spread knowledge and free content through its projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  2. Gathering Saudi volunteers into one group and creating a base and reference for all Saudis in Wikipedia and all other Wikimedia projects to unify and organize their efforts, and encourage them to share experiences and ideas.
  3. Develop and improve the contents that relate to Saudi Arabia particularly and the Arab world in general in different languages.
  4. Organizing activities, workshops, editing contests, and various activities for the volunteers.
  5. Unifying the contribution in international activities, such as Wiki Love… contests and others, or local activities such as WikiArabia conference.
  6. Providing support and guidance to local institutions in their efforts to enrich Arabic content on the Internet through Wikipedia, to achieve their goals with the best results.
  7. Develop plans, strategies, and programs to encourage the use of Wikimedia resources in education in Saudi Arabia.
  8. Working to encourage universities, libraries, museums, and other Saudi institutions to donate their knowledge-enriching media under free licenses that serve Arabic content.
Our Work

Since the establishment of the user group in 2017, our volunteers have carried out several activities, all of which are in line with our goals. These are quick numbers on our achievements, and to see all the details of our initiatives, projects and editorial competitions, please see our activities page.

New Articles
Donated Files
  1. Create articles.
  2. Develop existing content.
  3. Translate from Arabic to other languages and vice versa.
  4. Donate photos, whether old or recent.
  5. Attend workshops and training courses.
  6. Participate in initiatives and enrichment competitions.
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Becoming a member

We welcome all those interested in getting involved in our activities to join us. If you are in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and have an interest and desire to join us, please add your name to the list of interested in participating, so that we can coordinate volunteers to achieve the goals of the group, through its activities online or on the ground. If you support our goals, please add your name to our Supporters list.

Interested in participating

Below is the list of the volunteers interested in participating in our user group. If interested, please Click Here to add your name to the list.


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