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Difference from WikipapersEdit

Does this codex intend to be selective or comprehensive? Or in other words, is there any reason not to use Wikipapers pages instead of Meta-Wiki subpages? Research:Newsletter papers were already imported into Wikipapers, in large part. Nemo 06:36, 8 December 2015 (UTC)

Nemo: This will be detailed in the "Background" and "Methodology" pages, but in a nutshell: the goal is to be specific to knowledge useful for Wikimedia wikis (not wikis in general) and not comprehensive (it won't include every paper ever published about Wikimedia wikis), so the scope is a bit different from Wikipapers'.
In addition, I have strong preference for hosting this work on a Wikimedia wiki instead of a third-party wiki. That said, I want to take advantage of the existence of Wikipapers, and the guidelines specify that links to Wikipapers pages should be added whenever appropriate. I occasionally edit Wikipapers when needed, and we'll soon have an interwiki prefix for Wikipapers as well, to make it easier to integrate its content.
I do dream of a possible convergence of citations on Wikimedia wikis and Wikipapers in the future using Librarybase / Wikidata, but it's not for the short term, sadly. Guillaume (WMF) (talk) 23:38, 9 December 2015 (UTC)
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