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Key PersonnelEdit

  • John Doe

Project SummaryEdit

I have saw that the people of children users of Wikipedia became more and more, but I have realized that the words in Wikipedia was really too hard for them and also me to read and understand. So, I want to build a new wiki to collect articles from Wikipedia and change it shorter and simpler for the children to read. At last, I hope that you will support this project. Thank you!


Build a new wiki.


Wikimedia Policies, Ethics, and Human Subjects ProtectionEdit

Benefits for the Wikimedia communityEdit

  1. Let the children have a better version of Wikipedia, since the current Wikipedia was really too difficult for them to understand.
  2. Use Wikichild to introduce them to Wikipedia when they become big.
  3. Let children also know how to use Wikipedia.
  4. Teach them to use Wikicode.


2014-Jan: Build the wiki 2014-Feb: First meet of Wikikidpian 2014-June: Second meet of Wikikidpian




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