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ja 日本語 (Wikipedia) - - - - See: Word lists requested no no no -
Generated list [1]

Words in the generated list commonly appear in reverted revisions but not in others. This list is generated using a TF-IDF approach.

  1. 稿
  2. 鹿
Generated common words

Common words appear on all revisions reverted or otherwise. In the English language this would include words like 'the' or 'is' which are meaningless on their own. This list is generated using a TF-IDF approach.

  1. 使
  2. 西
Bad words

Bad words are words that would be commonly associated with vandalism. They are generally used to insult or be vulgar. This includes curse words, racial slurs, assertions of- and prejudices against sexual preferences.

  1. くたばれ
  2. しんじまえ
  3. きさま
  4. どけ
  5. [こあ]いつ
  6. てめえ
  7. このやろう
  8. やつめ
  9. ちくしょう
  10. (や
Informal words

Informal words are words unwelcome on article namespace but would be acceptable on talk pages. This would include words such as 'hello' or 'hahaha' which would be fine in discussions but not in articles.

  1. こんにち[はわ]
  2. よろしく(お願い)?
  3. ください
  4. です
  5. ま(す