This page documents a completed research project.

Project Summary edit

Moodbar is an experimental feature aimed at getting quick feedback on the editing experience of new editors. Messages posted via MoodBar are publicly displayed on the feedback dashboard where a team of experience community members replies to them for assistance and help. Both features are part of the editor engagement initiatives. The initial implementation of these feature is targeted at getting feedback from new editors of Wikipedia (the feature being initially enabled on new accounts only). The goal is to obtain feedback to better understand the experience of these new editors, which can then be used as input for further feature development.

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Data and live analytics dashboard edit

Several dashboards plotting up-to-date metrics from Moodbar data are available from this page on the Toolserver. The plots are refreshed every 24 hours. Moodbar datasets for research purposes have not been released yet in the form of data dumps or toolserver tables, but static datasets of the metrics displayed in the data dashboard are published on the above page. Real-time moodbar messages can also be browsed via the feedback dashboard.

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