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This page documents a completed research project.

This stub to document research on mobile micro-contributions is no longer active.

Overview edit

Crowdsourcing in Wikimedia projects edit

Wikipedia is often considered one of the best examples of a peer production system,[1] but is there any genuine example of crowdsourcing supported by the user interface in Wikipedia?

Edits vs microcontributions edit

Lay out the conceptual differences between an edit and a microcontribution

Mobile microcontributions edit

Why mobile interfaces are a great testbed for microcontributions

Use cases edit

Extract structured data edit

Highlight an article's most important sentence edit

Translate a sentence edit

Handcode a revision edit

Find the best image to illustrate an article edit

Experimental features edit

  • WikiGrok is an experimental MediaWiki feature designed by the Wikimedia Foundation's Mobile team allowing readers of a Wikipedia article to extract and fill in structured data from this article. This feature is inspired by Magnus Manske's Wikidata game.[2] (read more)

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