Research:Analyzing WLM grant reports using Dedoose

This page documents a completed research project.

The purpose of this project was to try out Dedoose, a cross-platform app for analyzing quantitiative and qualitative data, to see if it would be a good tool to support impact measurement of WMF grants.

Case Studies



This case study included eight Wiki Loves Monuments and Wiki Loves Earth grants. Both quantitative (# of photos, # of photos integrated on wiki, # of participants, # of new users) and qualitative measures (events, media coverage, social media posts, lessons learned, quotes) were highlighted using a set of "codes". Using the multiple data analysis options, we were able to compare photo contests across countries, budget, grant type, and geography (Global North vs. Global South).


  • Time-intensive
  • Code creation is subjective
  • Need large sample size

Best use cases

  • Specific program/project (photo competitions, edit-a-thons, etc.)
  • Large sample size
  • Comparing across budget size, type of grant, countries
  • Understanding quality of grant reports (are they comprehensive?)
  • As part of a larger grants program impact analysis