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The closing committee member provided the following comment:

Montenegrin does not have its own ISO 639 code. If and when it gets one, the language committee will consider the creation of a Montenegrin Wikipedia; otherwise there is no point in continuing to ask for one. Antony D. Green 05:33, 10 May 2011 (UTC)[reply]
Proposal summary
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  • Speakers: 229.251 (2011. census in Montenegro)

Montenegro's ethnolinguistic origins have a deep Red Croatian rootage. Its iyekavian speech is Croatian, rather than Serbian, which is not iyekavian, but ekavian in dialect. The Montenegrin language also does not use a Serb Cyrillic script, but, just like Croatian, is written in Latin. Due to Greater Serbianist imperialism and pro-Chetnik agenda, the Montenegrin language was crushed, repressed and pushed to near extinction. It represents one of the few survoving languages of Europe in geopardy.

That is why Montenegro has left from Serbia in 2006, in order to achieve more freedom and not be repressed by the opressive Serbian language, which was anyway created by stealing Croatian literature for Serbia and basis the speech on the Montenegrin language, rather than Serbian. In 2007 Montenegro has declared Montenegrin official and within years an Ortogrofy and Grammer are complete. Montenegrin is studied in philology, and Montenegrin student books will be issued from this year. The Montenegrin language will from 2010/2011 be the one learned in schools and not Serbian and that means all the prerequisites for a Montenegrin wikipedia are complete.

I strongly urge Pathoschild to excuse himself from the project, it seems that he is prone to Serb influence and not objective.

Arguments in favour

  • I agree, Montenegro should be completely free from Serb hegemony and assimilation. If Serbs, Croats and Bosnians have the right to name that "same" language - Serbian, Croatian or Bosnian, then we - ethnic Montenegrins, have that same right! However, our languages have a lot of difference (in grammar, spelling, accentuation, phonetics and in some words). Even the Serbian linguist Danilo Vušović identified as many as 340 major features in Montenegrin language that are "outside the norm" of the Serbian spelling. So, the fact is like this: Serbs speak Serbian language, Croats speak Croatian language, Bosnians speak Bosnian language...therefore - Montenegrins speak Montenegrin language! Serbian language is imposed upon the Montenegrins, by the Serb occupiers in year 1918...and even before that, by the serbizated dinasty Petrović/Njegoš - who ruled the Montenegro for 200 years. Nevertheless, Petrović/Njegoš dinasty were "izvanjci" (outlanders) - they were foreign origin, they were not originally Montenegrins, their true origin is from Bosnia Herzegovina, but they moved to Montenegro at the end of the 15th century...and, unfortunately, were elected rulers, without any valid reason, to the detriment of our people. Nowadays, serbificated population of Montenegro (28,73%) glorifies Petrović/Njegoš dinasty as if they were some "Gods"...but the truth is, they were the biggest mistake in our history. Stop serbisation, stop assimilation, we have our rights!

Arguments against

  • It is ridiculous to ask for that. There are extremely few differences between the serbian and montenegrin in their respective written forms. Of course, there are slangs, patois, words etc. But common, it is the same language-- 13:19, 14 November 2014 (UTC)[reply]

Other discussion

  • Montenegrin language today got ISO 639 code an it should be now possible to get its Wikipedia!