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Proposal summary
  • Language details: Assyrian Neo-Aramaic (aii ISO 639-3)
  • Editing community: michaeljs (P)
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  • Number of speakers: 3 million+
  • Locations spoken: Iraq, Armenia, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Cyprus, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Iran, Italy, Lebanon, Netherlands, New Zealand, Russia, Sweden, Syria, USA

I am fluent in the Urmia dialect. Surprised there is no existing Assyrian project! Want to create an Assyrian Wiktionary.

  • Isnt there an assyrian wikipedia? tiontai.
  • There is an Aramaic wikipedia ( - but Aramaic is not the same as Modern Assyrian. Ultimately, it would be good to have an Assyrian Wikipedia as well as an Assyrian Wiktionary, but I want to work on the Wiktionary first. Assyrians do not have a country and are scattered throughout the world. Increasing inter-marriage and apathetic generation Ys (even where both parents speak fluent Assyrian) means that Assyrian is gradually on the decline - particularly the Urmia (Iran) dialect. Assyrians of Iraq (which may or may not call themselves Chaldean) are also under threat, as Arabic "infiltrates" the language spoken by these people. user:michaeljs
    • Hi Michaeljs, is actually intended for Assyrian Neo-Aramaic. --Node ue 09:42, 2 October 2005 (UTC)
      • That fact should really be indicated more clearly. It's a bit confusing now. But anyway, go ahead michaeljs! could really use some content ;-) Arbeo 15:26, 2 October 2005 (UTC)
    • It would be better to get arc.wikipedia off the ground before starting a wiktionary. If there were a reasonable number of articles on arc: and some signs of a community there it would much easier to approve other Neo-Assyrian Aramaic projects. --Chamdarae 16:44, 4 October 2005 (UTC)
  • Ok, cool. will be Assyrian Neo-Aramaic. Agree, an Assyrian Wikipedia probably a good start. Thanks guys, user:MichaelJS