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Proposal edit

Ahirani language is spoken by million people in central Maharashtra region of India. Ahirani is the most popular and frequently spoken language in "Khandesh". Although having over million speakers, Ahirani can be considered as one of the endangered language due to vast majority of people speaking Ahirani belongs to financially poor regions. But on the other side, computers are reaching to every nook and corner of villages and hence it is very important that to include Ahirani language in Wikipedia so as people from villages will be able to read/write articles and also it will help language to not to get diminished.

Almost 95 % of the total population speaks this language in Khandesh. The Main Areas are Dhule, Jalgaon, Nandurbar, Part of Nasik & Aurangabad in maharasthra state of India. All of the Tehsils like Amalner,Sakri, Dondaich, Shirpur, Taloda, Shahada, Dhadgaon, Akkalkuwa, Parola, Erondol, Satana, Malegaon, Baglan people do speak this language. Also, in Gujrat, Surat, vyara, etc., in M.P. Amba- Varla and around, AHIRANI is spoken. Akhil Bhratiya Khandesh Academy registered NGO is working on developing its importance. The name Ahirani itself throws light on it. Khandesh is an area surrounded by Satpuda, Ajanta and Chandwad ranges, and Waghur river. Ahirani is today spoken in the Jalgaon, Nandurbar, Dhule and Nashik (Baglan, Malegaon and Kalwan tehsils) districts of Maharashtra, India. It is further divided into dialects such as Chalisgaon, Malegaon and Dhule group. Borrowing and bending the words from Hindi, Marathi and Gujarati, Ahirani has created its own words not found in any of these languages.

Ahirani is basically in colloquial form and uses the Devanagari script for its writing. Bahinabai Chaudhari is a well-known poet in Ahirani, and the study of her literature is studied and included in Marathi language. But the language in her poems is different from Ahirani. Some say the poet is not Ahirani, but Lewa. But Lewa and Ahirani are sub-dialects of Khandeshi. So Khandeshi is the term or concept that merges all disputes. It is a wide region-based concept.

* Location spoken: Central/North region of Maharashtra State in India.

Discussion edit

Arguments in favour edit

  • Support : Number of speakers of Ahirani language are Over 1 million of people and hence it deserves to be created on Wikipedia. Sukdeo_Sapkale
  • Support : Ahirani language uses the Devanagari script for its writing and hence no additional types of fonts are required. Devanagari script is already used in Marathi Wikipedia.
  • Support  : Linguistic study of Ahirani is available in Dr. R.S. Suryawanshi's Seven books on Ahirani Language.
  • Support : Although Ahirani language which is spoken in majority of non-metro cities of India, However as the Information Technology is reaching every nook and corner of Ahirani region, This regions are growing in speed and in 2-3 years, they will be superpower cities of India.
  • Support : Poems in ahirani language by "Bahinabaai" available on Indian books stores all over the world.
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Other discussion edit

  • Ahirani is consdered to be dialect of Marathi language.Untill they complete interface translations , for untransalated messages Marathi language interface can be used.
  • First level of Marathi language wikipedia help pages is good; and it can be imported untill they complete their help page translations to ahirani wikipedia.
  • The language is close enough to Marathi language for any future reliable Machine translation support.

I am burocrat at Marathi language wikipedia mainly working on help pages and awareness of various wikipedia values. Personally I am not an ahirani speaker but can understand and gude them various wikipedia values online and on field (if invited to do so).
I know few Ahirani language experts personally and will get them involved in the project to take care of "verify test project content with a reliable neutral source, such as a professor or expert."
I will continuously this project Mahitgar (He who knows ,wants to know and and loves to keep others informed) (talk) 04:28, 6 July 2012 (UTC)Reply[reply]
"Same Ahirani Dialect is also spoken in DHARNI tehsil, in Amarvati District of Maharashtra in Melghat Tiger Reserve forest area. But it is not called as Ahirani they call it as Gavali Boli. lexicography,Syntax, phonology is same as of Ahirani. Near about 30 to 35 thousand people speak Gavai boli through 40 villages. Gavali people worship Asahdevi of Ashirgrah Fort. Their dialect, rituals, customs,are alike of Khandeshi people. Their surnames are like Khadke,Hekade, Shedke, Shanware, Savade, Gyan, Tote. They are cowherds and they call their group of cows as Heti They think Ashirghar fort, Gavilghar fort and Narnala fort as their ancienter s  forts. They consider themselves as Nandvanshi, children of Lord Krishna. They live with Korku, Gond, Kolam but they had preserved their Gavali dialect which is totally similar with Ahirani of Khandesh reign of Maharashtra.


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