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Queering Wikipedia Conference 2020: Diversifying and Empowering LGBTIQ+ Presences in Wikimedia Projects

n the 21st century, Queer people, cultures, and histories worldwide have become more visible in the flesh, the media, and in open community projects such as Wikipedia.  At the same time, multiple barriers and limitations still exist for Queer participation and co-ownership in Wikimedia projects.

Queer populations currently experiencing emancipatory movements are in the process of discovering, documenting, archiving, and disseminating their existences in traditional or innovative ways, including Wikimedia projects.  While Wikipedia exists to provide global access to all human knowledge, including Queer information, barriers such as physical safety, language, the digital divide, organized fundamentalist / populist / conservative movements and surveillance globally impact the broader dissemination and visibility of Queer information and cultural artifacts.

Diverse individuals and organizations around the world are working toward common understandings of queering information, queering libraries, archives, museums, and cultural heritage institutions, queering memory, and queering open culture itself.  This includes Queering Wikipedia and Wikimedia projects.  The work of these groups intersect and inform emerging scholars, practitioners, and activists to disrupt, decolonize, and disseminate Queer information in all of its manifestations to as broad an audience as possible, in the safest, least biased way possible, in environments free from bullying and harassment, instead ideally with support and joy of collaboration.

Statement on the term “Queer”

The conference organizers recognize that various terms and acronyms are in use to represent diverse populations and communities within the spectra of sexualities and gender identities / expressions (ex: lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, asexual, non-binary, two-spirit, third gender, LGBT+, LGBTQ+, LGBTQQ2IA*, QUILTBAG, SOGI, etc).  The term “Queer” is used here to represent all who self-identify as members of these various communities and work toward solidarity for those affected by related discriminations.

Statement about Wikipedia and Wikimedia

While this conference is named “Queering Wikipedia”, it is intentionally inclusive of all Wikimedia projects (Wikipedia, Wikidata, Wikimedia Commons, etc.)

Location, Dates, Venue

  • City : Linz, Austria
  • Date : From the 21st to the 24th of May
  • Venue: Grand Garage, Tabakfabrik Linz


Approximate agenda

  • Done Call for Scholarships: 15th of December - 18th of January
  • Done Announcement of scholarships results : 15th of February
  • Done Call for proposals: 15th of December - 15th of February
  • Not done Announcement of accepted proposals: 1st of March
  • Not done General conference registration: 15th of February - 30th of March
  • Not done Pre*conference: 21st of May
  • Not done Conference: 22nd - 24th of May



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