Punjabi Wikimedians/Project Guru Nanak Dev 2019

Punjabi Wikimedians started Project Guru Nanak Dev on Punjabi language Wikimedia projects to create or edit content about Guru Nanak Dev. This initiative is taken because the year of 2019 is being celebrated in Punjab and globally as 550 birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev. The government of Punjab is also celebrating this year dedicated to Guru Nanak Dev.

Workshop in Department of Punjabi at Punjabi University, PatialaEdit

Punjabi Wikimedians did a workshop on 23 September 2019 in the department of Punjabi at Punjabi University, Patiala to introduce project Guru Nanak Dev to students and scholars.

Event detailsEdit

  • Date: 23 September 2019
  • Venue: Seminar Hall, Department of Punjabi
  • Place: Punjabi University, Patiala
  • Dedicated to: Guru Nanak Dev's 550 years birth celebration
  • In the news: Click here for the clip on Punjabi Tribune


  • Before this workshop the discussion was happened at the village pump of Punjabi Wikipedia and in august 2019 meetup of Punjabi Wikimedians.
  • Released portal related to Guru Nanak Dev on Punjabi Wikipedia. Portal can be seen here.
  • Head of the Punjabi department, Dr. Surjit and Prof. Rajinder Pal Singh Brar took part in this workshop.
  • Stalinjeet Brar gave the introduction of the workshop and Satdeep Gill presents the basic structure of Punjabi Wikipedia to the participants that how we can write from a neutral point of view.
  • It was discussed during the workshop that we need to design this portal from a different or better way and also we need to identify books and paintings related to Guru Nanak on other sources apart from Wikipedia.
  • Four participants decided to work on specific topics related to Guru Nanak Dev.
  • Gurlal Maan & Harsimranjeet Singh Thind helped to organize this workshop as their responsibility to arrange tea and snacks for participants.