Public outreach/Academy/RfC/Article tables

It would be good to have a set of tables from which our participants could choose articles to work on. The question is: what should go into such tables? What is relevant to know for such a choice? Please suggest new columns, or comment on whether we should eliminate others.

The tables are sortable, to help participants find articles that match their criteria. We should also think about good ways of organizing the tables to facilitate such searches; and also about possible new tools/scripts to do more advanced searches through such tables.

"Feeder" lists


The topics can be listed in 3-column format, and colored using Pyroscript's assesslinks script.

Please contribute as you are able, e.g., by looking at the Institute's website and adding topics.

  1. en:User:Proteins/NIAID_list
  2. en:User:Proteins/NHLBI_list
  3. en:User:Proteins/NINDS_list
  4. en:User:Proteins/NIDDK_list
  5. en:User:Proteins/NIEHS_list
  6. en:User:Proteins/NIDCD_list
  7. en:User:Proteins/NIAMS_list
  8. en:User:Proteins/NIDA_list
  9. en:User:Proteins/NEI_list
  10. en:User:Proteins/NCI_list

Table of article properties


The following is a mockup of a table showing properties of article that might guide the participants in what they'd choose to contribute to.

Table caption
Topic Pageviews/year Languages Assessment WikiProjects Importance Warnings
Virus 328171 example 53 FA MCB Top 0

The "Warnings" column is to indicate edit wars and vandalism risks. A quantitative method for assessing such risks is given here, which can be coded up.

Possible ancillary script


If this is meant as an article-suggestion table, we could write a specialized script to suggest a course of action for a scientist who wishes to make focused contributions to a single article. The output of such a script could include:

  • Message to top recent editors
  • Message to lead WikiProject(s)
  • Message on Talk page of article
  • where to find appropriate images
  • where to find related articles
  • template articles, e.g., Featured Articles that might serve as an model for this one
  • areas of the article that need "beefing up"