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Welcome to the Program Evaluation & Design Share Space

The Share Space is a place multilingual on wiki for program leaders to share details about programs they are proud of and excited to share with others. It also serves as a place to bring together program leaders to start thinking collaboratively about program evaluation and design, and to learn about what you are doing and how programs might overlap with others programs.

Note: This space is temporary. It will be eventually be relocated to PE&D Workshop and renamed as The Parlour keeping with the European tradition of providing a welcome and social space to share and create.

This page was created for the first Program Evaluation and Design Workshop in Budapest. Each participant was assigned a group, and requested to share examples of their program leadership and evaluation experiences with their selected programs. We encourage you to share your own experience, wherever you see your work fitting in - on multiple pages if you wish! You can also share in whatever language you feel comfortable sharing in.

Please also take a moment to introduce yourself below and meet other program leaders in the Wikimedia movement!

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