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This is an announcement about a small new feature, which was recently enabled on the English and German Wikipedias, called post-edit feedback. After fixes there, we are ready to expand to other projects for which the feature has already been translated, including this one.

The feature is a confirmation message (see screenshot) that appears after you save an edit. It tells people that "Your edit was saved." It fades away automatically after two seconds, and can be removed immediately with a button ("x").

It was created by the Growth team (the former Editor Engagement Experiments team), and tested with new users on the English Wikipedia. We saw very positive results: edits by new contributors increased 23% with a confirmation like this, with no decrease in quality.

If you don't want to see this feature at all, you can hide it in your personal CSS. Simply add the code below to your /common.css subpage:

.postedit {
	display: none;

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Steven Walling (Wikimedia Foundation)