PhilWiki Community/Meetings/2021/May 29

PH Virtual Meeting

May 29, 2021 (Saturday) 02:00 - 03:30 pm (Philippine Standard Time)
Moderator: Filipinayzd
Via Google Meet (


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  1. Community orientation (Short self-introduction)
  2. Announcement of activities
  3. Raffle

Summary of discussionEdit

Some of the attendees with cameras off
Some of the attendees with cameras on


  1. Buszmail (talk)
  2. Ira Villanueva (talk)
  3. Filipinayzd (talk)
  4. LeahLhey (talk)
  5. MarvinBikolano (talk)
  6. Zyra Hila
  7. Jeancel Cañares
  8. Lizalyn Villano
  9. Emilyn Mae Cernitchez
  10. Frinces Ezra Carullo
  11. Wenielyn Nilo
  12. Dindy Deanne Orit

1. Community orientation (Short self-introduction)Edit

The virtual meeting formally started at 2:08 pm with the self-introduction of the community members present:

  • Filipinayzd - Introduced himself as an elementary school teacher and the board treasurer of PhilWiki Community. He is a former president of the Community. He became part of the Movement when he was writing his master's thesis. He wanted to take a break from the monotony of thesis writing so he focused his time on building the Bikol Wikipedia.
  • Buszmail - He was an employee of a private company when he was tasked to study what Wikipedia is about. He had his first edits on English Wikipedia in 2004. He became part of a Wikimedia chapter, and in fact, became its president for one term. He visited Bikolano Wikipedians at CBSUA in 2014 during his term.
  • Ira Villanueva - A photographer from Silang, Cavite, Ira has joined Wiki Loves Monument Philippines and Wiki Loves Earth Philippines. In 2018, he won in the said contests and later became a member of PhilWiki. He mainly contributes on Wikimedia Commons.
  • LeahLhey - She introduced herself as a college instructor at Central Bicol State University of Agriculture (CBSUA). His friends Froy and Marvin invited her to volunteer in the activities of Wikipedia where she volunteered as a facilitator. She has not edited much on Wikipedia but she is more active as a volunteer in offline activities.
  • Dindy - It was through Leah that she was introduced to the organization. She is also teaching at CBSUA College of Agriculture and Natural Resources. She first met Irvin and other members of PhilWiki Community at the 20th Wikipedia anniversary celebration.
  • Jeancel - She is a colleague of Leah, Dindy, Wenielyn, and Lizalyn at CBSUA CANR. She is happy to get invited to the meeting and hopes to learn more about contributing to Wikipedia.
  • MarvinBikolano - Due to an audio problem, Irvin introduced Marvin to the group as a former secretary. Prior to becoming a PhilWiki Community member, he has participated at Wikipedia Takes Rinconada with Froy wherein they won the second prize. He mainly contributes on Wikimedia Commons.
  • Lizalyn - She is interested in learning about Wikipedia like her colleagues.
  • Ezra - She works at CBSUA Extension Services Division with Marvin, Zyra, and Mae. As a new member, she is also interested in joining the upcoming activities of PhilWiki Community, especially in mural painting. She is a visual artist.
  • Wenielyn - She was able to attend the 20th Wikipedia anniversary celebration of PhilWiki Community last January. Wenielyn participated in Wiki Loves Earth Philippines by contributing photographs. She did not win though.
  • Emilyn Mae - She was recruited by her colleague Marvin. She is grateful to get invited to become a member of the organization.
  • Zyra - She was invited by Marvin to help him as technical support in Bikol Wikipedia Quiz unfortunately the project was canceled. She also attended the 20th Wikipedia anniversary celebration of PhilWiki Community last January and Bikol Wikipedia's 13th birthday last November 2020.

2. Announcement of activitiesEdit

The second agendum of the meeting was the announcement of activities:

  • Irvin invited everyone to join the ongoing Wiki Loves Earth Philippines. He also encouraged the members to join the upcoming mural painting activities at CBSUA and in different schools in Camarines Sur. He will also share the link for newbies to learn more about Wikimania 2021 happening in the coming months.
  • Ira and his team will do hiking and they will be conducting photo walk in Alfonso, Cavite.
  • Leah encouraged her colleagues to participate in the mural painting at CBSUA which aims to promote volunteerism and collaboration in the community. With her team, they will also conduct photo walks in Baao and Bula, Camarines Sur.

3. Raffle drawEdit

Prizes for the raffle

The highlight of the meeting was a raffle among the attendees. A wireless handheld KTV microphone and a Wikipedia pencil were raffled thru Spin The Wheel - Random Picker, and the 5th lucky name to be selected won the prize. After five random picks, Leah was the lucky winner.

The virtual meeting formally ended at 3:03 pm.