PhilWiki Community/Board Meetings/2021/Resolution: Policy on Establishing a PhilWiki Community Branch

2020 Resolutions Policy on Establishing a PhilWiki Community Branch
2021 Resolutions
RESOLVED, the policy on establishing a PhilWiki Community branch shall be:
  1. PhilWiki Community recognizes the active role of local Wikimedia communities in developing programs and projects, and in expanding the reach of the organization.
  2. A branch is an integral arm of the PhilWiki Community that shall advance, first and foremost, the organization's objectives within an specific locality. It shall also support an specific Wikimedia project and/or program. It may have a thematic focus.
  3. Active members comprising of at least 5 Wikimedia contributors and participants in offline activities of the organization, may seek to establish a branch in their locality.
  4. The official name of a branch shall include PhilWiki Community as a prefix and followed by the name of the locality.
  5. A branch must have a designated community coordinator who shall serve as the head and representative of the branch in the organization for a one-year term.
  6. The coordinator shall report the activities of the community to the President every last day of the month.
  7. All members of a branch must be active PhilWiki Community members who are based within a locality, specifically: a) an ethnolinguistic region, b) a region not larger than a major island groups (i.e. Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao), c) a province or adjacent/neighboring provinces, d) a division not smaller than a province (i.e. municipality, component city and barangay), e) a highly-urbanized city or adjacent/neighboring congressional districts, and f) a thematic group based within a specific locality.
  8. Only members who have been active for over 6 months or with at least 300 edits shall be enlisted to a branch according to their locality, with exception to new members who are already active Wikimedia contributors prior to joining the organization.
  9. Members who do not belong to any locality or ethnolinguistic branch, and those who have less than 300 edits or with less than 6 month old membership shall not be enlisted under the any branch. New members shall not be part of any branch until they have been active members for 6 months.
  10. Through a concensus, the members of the branch shall designate a hub where they can physically meet regularly.

This resolution was approved by vote on 25 June 2021.