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OpenRefine is a free data wrangling tool that can be used to process, manipulate and clean tabular (spreadsheet) data and connect it with knowledge bases ("spreadsheets on steroids" / "a swiss army knife for data"). It is widely used by librarians, in the cultural sector, by journalists and scientists, and is taught in many curricula and workshops around the world.

Self-paced online training


The following online training programs are available entirely for free and can be followed at your own pace.

General OpenRefine introduction: Library Carpentry course
  • The online Library Carpentry course for OpenRefine is a standard, and is highly recommended. While it is written for librarians and information workers, it is very relevant for all OpenRefine users, including Wikimedians.
  • Language: English.
  • Entirely free and self-paced.
  • Approximate time to do course: 2 hours.
OpenRefine for Wikidata: WikiLearn course (coming soon)
  • Can be done by anyone with a Wikimedia account. Click here to start the course.
  • Language: English
  • Entirely free and self-paced
  • Approximate time to do course:
OpenRefine for Wikimedia Commons: WikiLearn course

In-person training


Do you want to receive individual or group training and advice around OpenRefine? You can contact the following people and organization(s).


Certified trainers

The following trainers have successfully completed the 6-month OpenRefine-Wikimedia Train-the-trainer program (2023-24):

Other OpenRefine-Wikimedia trainers

The following people also offer OpenRefine training related to Wikimedia:

You can also find trainers in the category OpenRefine trainers here on


The Wiki Education Foundation
  • Paid courses; both standardized and customized to your needs
  • For individuals and organizations, also cultural institutions
  • Offers training in English
  • Web:
  • Contact: Will Kent