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Welcome to the Ohio Wikimedians User Group, an official Wikimedia user group in the U.S. state of Ohio. The goal of the user group is to support and develop the Wikimedia movement and community in Ohio.


  • To promote Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects within Ohio.
  • To collaboratively improve the quality of Wikimedia project content through edit-a-thons, workshops, educational programs, and more.
  • To support any Wikimedia-oriented events or organizations operating within Ohio.
  • To establish a sense of community within our group.


Prior to the formation of the Ohio Wikimedians, there have been a handful of Wikimedia meetups and events in Ohio that typically occurred in Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati. In 2011, the formation of Wikimedia Ohio was attempted, though the project is now defunct and inactive. This Ohio Wikimedians User Group was created in July 2016 as the spiritual successor to that group, working to bring together Wikimedians from the entire state of Ohio together as a community.

The founding members of the group include members of Wikipedia Connection, a student organization at Ohio State University, as well as other Wikimedians from Ohio.

Affiliates and partners

Wikipedia Connection, a student organization at Ohio State University that does Wikipedia outreach and education on campus.


The following is a list of events happening in Ohio, as well as online events that may be of interest to Ohio Wikimedians.

Upcoming and ongoing

Offline events
Online events

Host an event

Hosting an event in Ohio? Feel free to add it to the list above! If you're currently planning for an event and need support, advice, or anything else, please make a request on our talk page. Experienced Ohio Wikimedians will be happy to get back to you with advice, as well as online and in-person support when possible.

Previous events

A gathering of Ohioans celebrating Wikipedia 15 in Columbus, Ohio

See our event archive for past events.

Also check out the following city meetup pages on Wikipedia:


Membership to the Ohio Wikimedians User Group is open to all. Feel free to add your username to the list below! Any active Wikimedian may sign themselves up. All members receive the monthly newsletter on their talk page.

To add yourself, edit the page and add {{:Ohio Wikimedians User Group/Member Card|username=yourUsername}} to the bottom of the list, replacing yourUsername with your username.

You are also welcome (but have no obligation) to provide additional information with the following optional parameters: |image=example.png (can be a photo, fun icon, etc.), |imagesize=100px, |name=Jimbo, |subtitle=Editor, |location=Ohio, and |project=en (if you want your userpage link to go to the English Wikipedia).

We also have tags to denote certain positions or responsibilities: |organizer=yes (for event organizers), |newsletter=yes (for newsletter coordinators), |social=yes (for social media managers), and |wc=yes (for Wikipedia Connection members).


Kevin Payravi (SuperHamster)
  Located in Dallas

Event Organizer
Social Media

Maria (Rimmel.Edits)
Co-founder, Movement Strategy Liason
  Located in Columbus

Event Organizer
Social Media

Movement Strategy Liason
  Located in Cincinnati



Event Organizer



Jacob (Fritzmann2002)


Bill (wbm1058)
  Located in Columbus


Minh Nguyễn (Mxn)
  Located in San Jose


  Located in Columbus


  Located in Cincinnati


Cesar (caesarologia)

Event Organizer

Leila (Dona_pipoca)

Event Organizer

  Located in Columbus


  Located in Marietta


  Located in Athens


  Located in Indianapolis


  Located in Miami Univ, Oxford OH


  Located in Columbus


To reach the broader group, you are welcome to post a message on the group talk page that is actively monitored by several members.

If you'd like to correspond by email, please reach out to kevin ohiowikimedians.org.

Annual Reports

Ohio Wikimedians Resolutions

Listed below are statements agreed upon by a consensus of Ohio Wikimedians.

AffCom Resolutions