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Offline Projects

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This page is to capture (1) ongoing projects, (2) anticipated projects, and (3) desired projects to fund.

Current projects

Category Project Project priorities Dates Level complete Project page Sponsor

Currently underway

Reader Kiwix
  • Critical bug squashing!!
  • Develop feedback system (menu item feedback; post download feedback)
  • 100%
  • 100%
Kiwix UX Improvement Effort WMF
Reader Kiwix 2011,Sept
  • 100%
Kiwix for Sugar WMCH (Black&White Project)
Reader Kiwix
  • Automatic compilation
  • Compilation Farm
  • 100%
Compilation platform WMCH (Black&White Project)
Article selection Collections extension 2011,Sept
  • 0%
Storage ePub (PediaPress & eReadia)
  • Extend collections extension to support downloading content as an ePub file (currently available in PDF, ODT, and ZIM)
  • 25%
Distribution Kiwix and offline French
  • Installation of offline versions of Wikipedia and Wiktionary in the West Africa universities
  • Offline versions will be set on "plugs computers" and locally broadcoasted by wifi providing for easy update and opening the option for pageview analytics.
  • ?
Francophonie project WMFR
Storage ePub (PediaPress & eReadia)
  • Extend collections extension to support downloading content as an ePub file (currently available in PDF, ODT, and ZIM)
  • 25%
ZIM generation ZIM Autobuild

Software and infrastrucure project to build more and more efficiently ZIM files of the projects.

  • 20%
ZIM Autobuild WMCH&Kiwix

Project pipeline


Interested in supporting a project? Here are some developments in the pipeline! Please consider the priority of the different components when selecting ones to sponsor and support, and feel free to add other projects you would like to say! The offline ecosystem should be coordinated in its efforts, so that the minimal resources are going to those things with the highest value.

If you are looking for advice in choosing or refining pipeline items, see the Talk page.

Category Project Details Project page Est. time Priority level

Project pipeline

Mobile Kiwix & Android
  • Create
Kiwix for Android Medium
Reader Kiwix ZIM library:
  • Filters and sorting
  • Searching
Kiwix website ~30hrs Low
Reader Kiwix
  • Refine Kiwix UI
Kiwix website ~20hrs Low
Reader Kiwix
  • ePub support
Kiwix website ~60hrs Low
Reader Kiwix Note: see Kiwix website for detailed information
  • Allow multizim search and make it configurable
  • Ability to build zim files
  • Rebuild bookmarks
Kiwix website ~120hrs Low
ZIM DumpHTML Improve ZIM creation toolchain
  • Create php-zim extension to create zim files from PHP
  • Revamp DumpHTML extension to use php-zim
  • Integrate with Collection Extension and selection tools
website ~265hrs ?
Reader Kiwix Plug Wikipedia on a plug
  • Create a tool chain to have kiwix-serve work off plug computers.
website ~160hrs ?

Proposed project ideas


Have an idea for a project / feature that you want prioritized? Suggest it here!

Read-write Offline


Providing an interactive offline encyclopedia is fundamentally different than client-mainframe in several challenging ways:

  • batch synchronization of edits
  • non-linear revision history
  • "light" mediawiki server?
  • article indexing and searching
  • heterogeneous database drivers

This project is out on a limb, but there is a working prototype available in mediawiki version control, under "extensions/Offline". Article data can be loaded directly from .xml.bz2 dumps, configured as the slave db, and the master db can be configured to write to a local mysql or sqlite store. There's a lot more to do, please help by visiting the project page.

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