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Wikipublish is a project of global library primary for the Wikimedia content. This independant Web platform will allow to provide, find, download and advert polished releases of our contents for offline usage.

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Our projects are wonderful platforms to develop collaboratively contents. Unfortunately, the result of our work is not well provided for offline usage. This is what we want to improve with this project.


  • Independent ( ?)
  • Simple & fancy user interface
  • Search feature by keyword
  • Result filters
  • Anonymous
  • Free & one click download
  • Online viewing (at least for ZIM & EPUB)
  • Supported formats: EPUB, ZIM, PDF
  • Social media connection
  • Atom/RSS feeds
  • Widgets (to integrate books in other Web sites)
  • Online catalog using a standard XML format
  • Open feedback/voting system (like for Wikipedia articles)


  • Deployable also on small devices
  • Usable as component in third part software
  • Able to replace the current Kiwix Library

Other requirementsEdit

  • Open source
  • Easy to setup for everyone



  • Improve feature list, precise the project and its requirements
  • Find Volunteers
  • Find supporters/grant



Other platformsEdit


  •   Support Well known, mature, stable
  •   Contra For-profit store with own agenda
  •   Contra Registration mandatory
  •   Contra Impossible to provide ZIM


  •   Support ...
  •   Contra ...


  •   Support we know the owner quite well and he's mission-friendly
  •   Contra limited scope?

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