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Por favor, ¡únase a nosotros en septiembre 28 a 16:00 UTC para revisar los hallazgos de del proyecto «Nuevos Lectores»! Esto presentación de 1,5 horas compartirá los resultados de la investigación de usuarios en México, India y Nigeria.

¿Por qué usted debe venir?

  • India, Nigeria y México representan más de 1,5 billones de personas, más del 20% del mundo
  • Current Wikipedia awareness and usage in these countries is low – less than 25% of people in Nigeria and India have even heard of Wikipedia
  • In pursuit of the Wikimedia vision to make knowledge accessible to “every single human being”, we aim to better understand users around the world and meet their real needs

En concreto, hablamos de:

  • Information seeking habits
  • Internet use, devices, and general knowledge patterns
  • Wikipedia awareness and usage
  • User personas developed from findings
  • Potential next steps and opportunities to better serve New Readers in Asia, Africa, and Latin America

More details on the project can be found on Meta-Wiki.

Join us on September 28 at 9am PDT / 4pm UTC / 9:30pm IST through our YouTube stream or with conferencing app BlueJeans.