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Elections are a way for members of the Wikimedia community to shape the Wikimedia movement. This is either through running as a candidate or voting in the elections. For every election, the Movement Strategy and Governance team wants to reach a wider audience, include more communities, encourage more potential candidates to run and more eligible voters to vote.

Since 2021, election volunteers helped make a step forward to that goal.

Freiwillige Wahlhelfer

Election Volunteers helfen bei der Verbindung zwischen dem Wahlausschuss (Elections Committee), dem Moderationsteam und dem Movement. Sie helfen, eine erfolgreiche Board-Wahl zu ermöglichen und tragen so zu einem besser organisierten Movement bei.

All you need is basic communications skills and a fair knowledge of your community. You don’t need to have experience in elections. Election Volunteers can help promote the election in their community. Volunteers from all Wiki Projects are welcome! The aim is to have at least one Election Volunteer for every Wiki Projects with eligible voters. Help form a more diverse and better performing leaders by getting your community involved in the elections!

Selbstverpflichtungen der Wahlhelfer

  • Wahlhelfer verpflichten sich, den Universal Code of Conduct einzuhalten
  • Wahlhelfer verpflichten sich, bei dieser Wahl nicht zu kandidieren
  • Wahlhelfer verpflichten sich, sich neutral zu den Kandidaten zu verhalten

Die Rolle der Wahlhelfer

This role is what you make of it. This might include:

  • Providing context and background information about the election process and others MSG projects.
  • Translating and posting messages in your community’s channels.
  • Encouraging discussions about elections.
  • Organizing conversations during community meetups.
  • Sharing information with the MSG team about what worked for your community or if you need something more.

Freiwilliger Wahlhelfer werden

If you would like to support this, please click the button below or get in contact with your local facilitator.

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