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Translate the Movement Strategy Weekly

Help us speak your language!

Starting from February 2022, Movement Strategy Weekly have been showing on various Movement Strategy pages. Those updates contain important announcements, reports and calls for participation that are relevant to the entire Wikimedia Movement. Therefore , it is important to make this information available in as many language possible. If you have the knowledge and the will, we invite you to help us translate to more languages!

What are the updates? edit

Movement Strategy updates are intended as a central place to access the latest information on their topics. The updates themselves consist only of clickable headlines that link to existing pages (on Meta, Wikimedia projects or external websites). The content of the linked pages is not a part of those updates.

Where to translate? edit

All the Movement Strategy updates that are published during a certain month are kept on a single Meta page. The content translated on that page will show up on many Movement Strategy pages, to which it is automatically or manually quoted. Click here to see this month's content page.

What support is available for translation? edit

If you would like to regularly translate updates to your language, please consider applying to a Movement Strategy grant. You can apply either as an individual or as a group to receive support for translations.