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On October 17,2020, the Arabic Wikimedians, in collaboration with Wikimedia Morocco and Wikimedia Levant organized a virtual event to discuss priorities for the implementation of Wikimedia 2030 strategy for the Arabic speaking Wikimedians. The priorities were collected through a survey that followed the Arabic-language prioritization discussion. 18 participants from different countries took part at the event.

General InformationEdit

Poster of the 2030 Strategy event in Arabic held on October 17, 2020
Slides presented at the Strategy Event for the Arabic Wikimedians- 17 October 2020 (in Arabic)
Video of the full event
Field Information
Name of your group
Time and date of the event October 17th, 2020 (5 p.m - 7 p.m UTC)
Who attended? 18 community members
Who facilitated?
Who participated in organizing?


Q1. Which recommendations will respond to your community’s needs?Edit

Choose Your Top Priorities   Why is it prioritized?
Increase the Sustainability of our Movement
Improve User Experience
Ensure Equity in Decision-Making

Q2.From the recommendations, which specific actions and changes would you want prioritized in 2021?Edit

Choose Your Top Priorities   Why is it prioritized?
From Improve User Experience:
  • 9. Methodology to improve the Wikimedia platform UX research, design, testing and community engagement
  • 11. Resources for newcomers
  • 12. Peer-to-peer spaces
  • 14. Cross-project tool development and reuse
Many users are solely dependent on mobile devices. making UX improvement and adaptability essential for their contribution. Peer-to-peer spaces provide a great way for users to connect and learn better. Supporting newcomers is integral to the continued growth of the Wikimedia movement. The Wikimedia projects should be accessible to everyone, not only those with a technical capacity.
From Ensure Equity in Decision-Making:
  • 24. The Global Council
  • 25. Regional & thematic hubs
  • 26.Flexible resource allocation framework
The Global Council will allow for the representation of many voices that are currently missing across the Wikimedia movement. Regional hubs will help user groups conduct more productive partnerships. It will also provide a potentially more equitable framework to allocate resources for smaller affiliates, and will be able to employ dedicated regional/local staff to support volunteers.
From Invest in Skills and Leadership Development:
  • 31. Global approach for local skill development
  • 32. Leadership development plan
  • 33. Skill development infrastructure
Lack of many encyclopedia writing-related skills is a major challenge for the Arabic-language projects. Investing in skills will help allow more newcomers to join the Wikimedia projects and to develop their various capacities. Launching a skill-building platform will also help us train contributors and save the time of older contributors who usually need to provide this kind of support.

Q3. What human capacity and / or financial resources do you need to work on implementation?Edit

  • Funding and resourcing for implementation - many recommendations need to be implemented by staff and experts rather than volunteers
  • Supporting local meetings to coordinate the work together

Q4. Which initiatives do you think should be the top focus for global coordination?Edit

  • Equity in Decision-making