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I propose that Wikipedia be moved under a different database and substituted with a more classic definition of an Encyclopedia.

This is a proposal for a new Wikimedia sister project.
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Before I begin, I would like to say that this proposal is somewhat similar to the proposed Essentialpedia.
Although the idea for the project is nameless, I believe that Wikipedia has become too detailed; namely the English version. It has been a great facility for the minutia that would otherwise be withheld from any other encyclopedic site. A perfect example being my ability to contribute by walking down the road and taking a picture of the Light rail station for article submission. It has also been a wonderful tool and supplement to my college career.
I would also like to note that there is no exclusive definition for an Encyclopedia, and with this in mind there is no end in sight of how deep Wikipedia will go before you will have your own article chronicling your life. Sure, that's far off, but really, in a scholarly sense, how interested in youtube stars can we get? This is not an argument of notoriety, but I feel that Wikipedia should be reflective of an Encyclopedia.


Wikipedia has surpassed virtually all other informatory resources; Google has been rendered practically useless. Wikipedia will be the internet one day if the trend continues, and it might be time to split it up.

  • Wikiquote was created when the inclusion of quotations became too great in Wikipedia.
  • Wikisource was formed modeling Gutenberg after it had no real place in Wikipedia.
  • When it was clear that any 'how-to's' in Wikipedia belonged somewhere else, Wikibooks.
  • Etc.

Introductions of articles in Wikipedia are, most of the time, not well fit for the essentials. Simple English might currently be well suited for this but it will change.
Wikipedia will only get more and more vast, becoming less like a classic encyclopedia. I believe that the notion of vital articles is well rooted and that that criteria should be followed.


The name Wikipedia has been popularized, and although this is simply nothing other than a title, I foresee most people not accepting the move.


There needs to be a better resource, and since I love just how detailed Wikipedia is, nothing should be deleted. The solution, I believe is either:

  • Move Wikipedia under another project name; nothing particularly clever is coming to mind, but something all inclusive of everything ha; like Wikiweb (that's terrible, by the way) and let Wikipedia become the project dubbed Essentialpedia.
  • Or as proposed previously, go through with Essentialpedia; although I have to honest, don't much like the name.

It's bound to happen, it's happened before as stated above. Wikipedia, hiding under the title of Encyclopedia, is getting to big for it's britches.

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