Meta World's Data

I. Goal: To organize , visualize, and data mine all of the world's open source wiki information.

II. This will be done by organizing all of the creative commons wiki content into an interdisciplinary Aristotelian structure which mirrors the traditional academic classification and organizational structure. This is not a new wiki, but rather a new way of visualizing the data on wikipedia.

III. Simply put, a table of contents structure to the book of knowledge. Wikipedia is currently in a disorganized content organization, and a parallel mirror meta wiki could be created with the new organizational structure of academic branches and categories.

IV. To minimize the amount of manual human labor which will be required for this task, A.I. wiki bots will be utilized to re-organize and unentangle all of the interlinking threads of human knowledge. Art, Art History, Philosophy, Biology, Marine Biology, Computer Science, Genetics, Bio Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Geology, Archaeology, Christian Archaeology, i think you get the idea.

V. Wiki's incorporate Time and Space (Place) into their architecture, which is circular or non linear whereas, with only Time or only Space in the axis of architecture, the content becomes linear, and new patterns and meta patterns emerge, which are very neat and interersting.

(history book) History is the table of contents and navigational architecture for the Meta Web (And Life). It happens in real time, all of the time. History Books are not organized like wiki's, but rather have a chronological structure and flow. The MetaWeb project will sort content by relevance, the credibility of the source, the timeliness of the data, and of course the content. Through restructering and reconstructing all of the world's data, and meta data, immeasurable benefits, knowledge, and other desirable outcomes will be bestowed upon civilization.

VI. Another way of thinking of the structure, is like a Table of contents for all of the data, on Wikipedia. Open source metadata is what makes this project possible.

VII. The list goes on, but it is easily organizable, and almost effortless with a few good wiki bots. Thank you for your support and participation. of contents, or chronology. We are Us.

VIII. "All of yours data is Mind"