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Sådan bruger du sandkassen til nye atikler

Anbefaling til studerende

For starting a new article, you may first want to draft the article in a user sandbox named after the topic, such as

User:Stan Lee/Project X,

just as you would when expanding an existing article. When you are ready to make it live on Wikipedia, consider submitting it to the Articles for Creation process first so that experienced editors can check it over. In general, the sooner you move out of a sandbox, the better. (Articles for Creation often has a considerable backlog, so you should not wait around for a submission to be reviewed. If your submission has not been reviewed, go ahead and create your article once you're sure it meets the basic requirements for a Wikipedia article.)

Din rolle som eksperten

In addition to guiding your students on the use of good sources, be sure to familiarize yourself with Wikipedia's coverage in the topic areas students are writing about. For new articles in particular, students may run into problems because their topics are already covered in sections of existing articles.

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