On July 6 and 7, Techyan hosted two Wikipedia meetups in Wuliqiao and East Nanjing Road Sub-districts, Huangpu District, Shanghai.

Prepare in advanceEdit

These two meetups were parts of the "China Mainland Wikipedia Community Meetups, 2018 Summer" hosted by Techyan. Techyan posted a notice of registration on Advanced Site Notice at Chinese Wikipedia, and about 50 people signed up for this.


After 2014, due to various reasons in the community, the activities of Shanghai Wikimedia Community were forced to terminate. After several years, after efforts by many friendly users, these meetups were the second and the third public meetings after the Shanghai Wikimedia Community was revived.

July 6Edit

Techyan communicated with the reporter

At 10:30 a.m, WQL arrived in Luban Road Metro Station and met Techyan at Huijing Life Square (汇暻生活广场) nearby. They talked about the recent blockade on Simon 1996, and planned for the next-step planning of meetings in Hangzhou.

At noon, they had lunch.

At 14:00 p.m, 丁子君, 崇朝其雨 and other users arrived in the meetup. Techyan shared an interesting story of an active wikipedian, and 丁子君 mentioned the development of Literary Chinese Wikipedia. Also, they discussed about some controversial users and edit summaries, etc.

At 15:00 p.m, a reporter worked for TV Tokyo Shanghai Branch Office and her translator arrived in their personnal name. Techyan and other participants communicated with them and did a brief introduction on the differences between Chinese and Japanese Wikipedia. Participants also shared their own wiki experience.

July 7Edit

In the morning, Techyan meets 跛足居士 and Ni1162482264 at Huijing Life Square (汇暻生活广场). There were some new editors atteding the meetup, and a new editor teaching was held. They went to Shanghai History Museum by Metro, and WQL met with them on Floor 2. 行走京沪线 guide the audience to visit "Ancient Shanghai History" hall, and 跛足居士 present him a local chronicle.

After that, they went to a nearby FamilyMart to have some lunch. Then, they went to a Starbucks next to the museum, and they outlooked to the future development of the Wikimedia community in Shanghai.

At 17:00 p.m, WQL said goodbye to other paticipants at the crossing of People's Avenue at Middle Xizang Road. Techyan went to Hongqiao Railway Station after eating lunch at Middle Yunnan Road.


Jul 6
at least 6 attendees and otherwise 2 visitors from TV Tokyo.
Jul 7
at least 6 attendees.


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These meetups were joint-hosted by Wikimedians of Mainland China and Shanghai Wikimedian Community, and HAD NO RELATION to so-called "Wikimedia User Group China" or its members.