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Karnal Wikimedia Meetup Number 2Edit

Date and time: Monday July 9, 2018 — 14:30 (IST) onwardsEdit

Location: Pizzicato, Club Market, Near Dyal Singh College, Karnal, Haryana (Location)Edit

Point of contact: Shypoetess (


Please add your name to this list if you can make it to our meeting. Note that people of all ages and all Wikimedia projects are welcome! Complete newbies also welcome!

Please also invite any Wikipedian from Karnal (or adjoining regions) you know – spread the word!

You may add your name by adding the line

# ~~~

(a hash and three tildes)

  1. Shypoetess (talk)
  2. Satdeep Gill (talk)
  3. RaoSahil88 (talk)
  4. Gurlal Maan (talk)
  5. Wikilover90 (talk)
  6. GangaHanspal (talk)
  7. डॉ. रणधीर सिंह (talk)
  8. Dr Jai Kumar
  9. Manavpreet Kaur (talk)

About the MeetupEdit

This meetup is the second one in Karnal. It is a casual event which aims at:

  • Introducing Wikipedians of the region to each other.
  • Chat about Wikipedia and other related topics.
  • Adding new Wikimedians to the group.
  • Experienced Wikimedians helping out new editors.

This is also an open invite for anyone interested in finding out more about Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects such as Wikimedia Commons and WikiData. New and perspective editors are also welcome.

Flow of EventEdit

  • The meetup began with two new Members Dr Rabdhir Singh and Dr Jai Kumar joining us.
  • Unlike our previous meetup this one had many experiences Wikipedians too. They informed us about the latest happening in the Wikimdia India chapter like, WAT 2018, Wiki Science month, Wiki loves Love campaign etc.
  • Shypoetess shared the feedback of the participants of Wiki Awareness Campaign Karnal and proposed a followup program in the school.
  • Different types of Wiki challenges were discussed. GangaHanspal, who joined in the previous meetup had tried the #100wikicommonsdays challenge but couldn't complete it.
  • Dr Randhir suggested that the college library could provide books for the Hindi Wikisource which started detailed discussion regarding the copyright laws.
  • The possibility of enrolling postgraduate students of Hindi Department for copy-editing the existing articles on Hindi Wikipedia was also discussed.
  • Adding images of museum specimen and diagrams to the articles related to animals was discussed along with various ethical and legal concerns.
  • The plan for Workshop on WikiCommons at Dyal Singh College was discussed.


  • The newcomers were encouraged to register and contribute to Wikipedia.
  • A followup program for Wiki Awareness Campaign Karnal was planned.
  • It was decided to announce the various Wiki programs among college students and encourage participation.
  • Members were themselves encouraged to participate in different Wiki challenges.
  • The criterion for selection of books for Hindi Wikisource was finalized.
  • It was decided that the students should first be enrolled for copy-editing the existing articles on Hindi Wikipedia and then gradually introduced to article creation to give them time to develop a better understanding of Wikipedia guidelines.
  • It was decided to create images of museum specimen and diagrams for addition to the articles related to animals.
  • The number of participants and time frame were finalized for the WikiCommons workshop and photowalk at Dyal Singh College, Karnal.

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