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Progress of the project

80% complete
Date Workshop Photo
0 August-September 2017 Project Mapping, References, Uploading maps on Commons  
1 September-October 2017 Social Media, Volunteers recrutement and Participation in the Youth Forum in Sfax
2 19th of November 2017 Introduction to Wikipedia + Gates of the medina's workshop
3 21th of January 2018 Using Commons + Souks of the medina
4 16th of March 2018 MedinaPedia Sfax presentation in WikiIndaba 2018
5 11th of August 2018 Hammams and Mausoleums + 2nd part of references research
6 2nd of September 2018 Photography tour: eastern district of the medina
7 2nd of September 2018 Presentation of Medinapedia Sfax in El Charki conference
8 6th of October 2018 Presentation of Medinapedia Sfax in WikiConvention francophone
9 Closing ceremony