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MedinaPedia a project of Carthagina in partnership with Wikimedia TN UG. It consists in digitizing the historical richnesses of the medina of Sfax and thus bringing them into the world of virtual collective knowledge.

These meetings will take place in various places of the medina like the cultural center Dar Siala. For the references, Dar Jallouli's library, Dar Ben Achour's library and the medina of Sfax's safeguarding association opened their doors for us to scan their books and use the content.

The project is going to tackle 6 categories of monuments of this historical city: The gates, the mosques, the palaces, the mausoleums, the hammams (public baths) and the souks (markets).

All this will be possible through a series of workshops for the recruited local volunteers about Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons and other tools that can promote the goal of the project: sharing free knowledge.