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2015 Meetups

  • 26th December 2015 (Maithili wikipedia discussion, Fill Wikimania Applications, Wiki Education Programmes discussion, etc.)

2015 Meetups Gallery

Images of 7th November 2015:

Images of 26th December 2015:

2016 Meetups

  1. 21th January 2016 (Wikipedia 15 celebration) and Second Meetup 21th January 2016
  2. 24th January 2016 (Wiki Education Programmes onward focusing students of School and Colleges in Saptari District.)
  3. 12thFebruary, 2016 (Women Edit-a-thon, Outreach event, Further Collaboration with other Wikimedia User Group and discussion on the topic of Wikipedia Education Programs and workshops.)
  4. 2nd April 2016 (Discussion on many upcoming projects)
  5. 11th April 2016 (Wiki Loves Earth 2016 in Nepal)
  6. 12th May 2016 (Wiki Loves Earth 2016 in Nepal)
  7. 2nd December 2016 (Maithili Wikipedia Mission 10)

2016 Meetups Gallery

Images of First Meetup in the year 2016 and Wikipedia 15 Celebration (21th January 2016):

Wikipedia Educational Outreach Gallery

Images will be uploaded soon after Wiki Education Programmes:-

2017 Meetups

Images will be uploaded soon after Meetups:-