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Maithili Wikipedia Sampadanthan is a online Edit-a-thon competition organized by Maithili Wikimedians in Maithili Wikipedia on the occasion of Maithili Wikipedia 3rd Birthday. The competition is organized to create articles about different localities and to gather the participation of inactive wikipedians of Maithili Wikipedia.

Maithili Wikipedia Sampadanthan
मैथिली विकिपिडिया सम्पादनथन
Logo of Maithili Wikipedia Sampadanthan
Maithili Wikipedia Sampadanthan
Statusinactive (ended)
GenreMaithili Wikipedia 3rd Birthday
BeginsNovember 1, 2017 (2017-11-01)
EndsNovember 7, 2017 (2017-11-07)
VenueRajbiraj, Saptari District
CoordinatesCoordinates: 26.32°, 86.44°
CoordinatorBiplab Anand (Online)
ParticipantsMaithili speaker from all over the world.
Organised byMaithili Wikimedians


The following is the name of Coordinator of this event :-


The following are the name of Volunteers of this event who gonna help online as well offline:-


The following are the project aims :-

  • To increase the user participation in Maithili Wikipedia,
  • To create notable articles in Maithili Wikipedia,
  • To develop level of Maithili Wikipedia,
  • To increase Maithili native speakers in Maithili Wikipedia,
  • To promote the contribution of local contents in Maithili Wikipedia,


The complete list of participants can be seen here locally in Maithili Wikipedia. The top 5 contributors of the Edit-a-thon is listed below.

S.No. Participants Name Username Articles created
1. Zeetendra Shah Zeetendra (talk contribs  email) 26
2. Biplab Anand Biplab Anand (talk contribs  email) 21
3. Kiran Kumar Kay Kay (KK) (talk contribs  email) 9
4. Nilam Karn Nilamkarn (talk contribs  email) 5
5. Das Kumar Das0473 (talk contribs  email) 2


The Edit-a-thon shows solid impact on Maithili Wikipedia. During the Edit-a-thon competition 82[1] new articles were created. 16 Maithili Wikipedians takes part to success the event.

Global metricsEdit

S.N. Metric Achieved outcome Explanation
1 Number of active editors involved 14 All the users who had at least 5 or more edits during the Edit-a-thon.
2 Number of new editors 2 These were editors who created usernames during the Edit-a-thon.
3 Number of individuals involved 16 All new and active editors who attended, plus volunteers who organized the event.
4 Number of articles added on Maithili Wikipedia 82 82 new article


The list of winners of the competition.

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