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Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. faces a breathtaking array of legal issues on a daily basis. The Foundation's legal needs are often related to copyright, trademarks, marketing, donations, tax and the law of associations and partnerships. The Foundation often needs advice on how to handle those threatening litigation or who are disruptive to the community, in addition to regular transactional and licensing issues. In many respects WMF is like any small business; in others, it faces unique challenges unlike any other online organization in the world.

While there are many Wikipedia projects, at their root, they are all the work of the Wikimedia Foundation, Inc., a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) corporation in the State of Florida, USA. Interested people can join the Legal Department.

The roster of interested legal folks may be found at the Legal Department.

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  • Logos copyright assignments and trademarking logos (as opposed to names)
  • Trademark compliance (dealing with misuse of trademarks, when they can be used and by whom)
  • Policy on trademark notification (i.e. when and where should the SM,™ and/or ® notices be placed without being intrusive to inform public of common law and statutory entitlements and claims such as registered status of Wikipedia® and other marks such as WikiNews™, MediaWiki™) and trademark link from skin.

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Wikimédia France is a nonprofit association incorporated under the 1901 law.

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