Legal/Perguntas frequentes sobre as Políticas da Fundação e Associações Políticas

This page is a translated version of the page Legal/Foundation Policy and Political Association FAQ and the translation is 11% complete.
Por que agora estão escrevendo estas diretrizes?
Since the SOPA blackout, we have had a number of requests come in for public affiliations regarding policy and political issues. The Wikimedia Foundation is not a political organization, but we recognize that there may be times where such associations should be considered. To make sure that the right parties are involved in that circumstance, we have created an internal guideline to clarify when and how the Wikimedia Foundation associates itself publicly on policy and political issues.
For whom is this guideline?
This guideline is for internal use by the Wikimedia Foundation. Because we understand that any political or policy affiliations will likely be of interest to the community, we are openly sharing these policies.
Is this the final version?
Yes and no. This guideline is final in that it is not a work-in-progress. However, we will amend, correct, and update this guideline as our needs and understanding evolve. Ideas espoused on the guideline's talk page will be taken into consideration for future updates.
Is this guideline binding?
No. Though we intend for this guideline to be our normal operating procedure, the Wikimedia Foundation reserves the right to take the best action as circumstances require. This guideline is not a contract or binding policy.