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What does leadership mean in the Wikimedia movement? edit

Since July 2016, the Learning and Evaluation team has been invested in understanding what leadership means in our movement, and how we can best support it. On Thursday, November 16 at 9 am PST (1700 UTC), we will host a public meeting to share what we have learned so far, and how we have been working to support community leaders.

What does this mean to your local community and your work? How can you join these efforts?

We encourage participation via IRC (#wikimedia-office)

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Interested participants edit

Presentation outcomes edit

Background: A conversation about leadership in the movement edit

For every leader one might identify, there are dozens within the Wikimedia movement who might also step up to lead, if given access to the right resources and encouragement. The Wikimedia Foundation and movement affiliates already support and collaborate with leaders, mentors, and guides in the Wikimedia movement, but there are also many people throughout the movement who don’t get direct support for their leadership development activities from the Wikimedia Foundation or from movement affiliates.

The Community Engagement department needs your ideas about (1) how we can design opportunities for leaders that are inclusive, to help leaders develop skills and mentor one another, and (2) how we can describe leaders in our movement. Your input will be included in upcoming training events such as Learning Days, and also may be be used to design or expand leadership development activities supported by the Wikimedia Foundation. Read more.

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November 16: Leadership Dialogue presentation Join the live streaming!