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This is part of LSS, a mailing list summary service. It is a summary of wikiEN-l. Most posts whose authors are named have links to the full e-mail in the archive. However not every post is archived and the archive itself is so unstable that the urls will periodically be reassigned breaking the links in this summary. While edits to correct inaccuracies are welcome, changes to style or focus should first be discussed on the talk page. Decisions on whether to refer to people by their Wikipedia handle or their email name is arbitrary and may not be completely internally consistent. Some genders may be accidentally incorrect.Incorrect or not, this standard is used all around the net, for business or projects.

  • [1] David Gerard forwards a post on wikitech-l to wikiEN-l about a technical change that would affect user javascripts.
  • [2] David Gerard asks if anybody wants to summarize wikiEN-l, like Improv had already been doing for foundation-l and wikipedia-l. I volunteer.
  • [3] George Herbert links to an article in the San Francisco Chronicle linking to Wikipedia.
  • [4] Gregory Kohs complains that his self-nomination for the 2006 ArbCom elections was removed from the list of candidates. (Note: Gregory Kohs, screennames w:User:Thekohser and w:User:MyWikiBiz, is an editor banned by Jimbo for running a business in which people pay him to write articles for Wikipedia on their own businesses.)
  • [5] Michael Snow points out that of the 20 current ArbCom election candidates, none of them is female (it's later pointed out that one candidate is, but that there's still a large disparity)
  • [6] Gregory Kohs asserts that Angela Beesley, the former board member and co-founder of Wikia violated WP:COI when she edited Wikia. Many people, including Jimbo respond dismissing his claim.
  • [7] Daniel P.B. Smith talks about a magazine that he recently read and its good coverage of various popular culture subjects, and how things that we often say are unverifiable can indeed be sourced.
  • [8] Violet/Riga mentions the magazine mental_floss's idea to have a "Fixipedia" day where reads would edit Wikipedia and improve it somehow and asks for people's opinions on the matter.
  • [9] Rob Smith asks for clarification of contradictory statements and actions regarding inclusion of information from a mediation in the evidence section of an ArbCom case and what the rules were regarding confidentiality of mediation cases.
  • [10] KillerChihuahua asks wikiEN-l to help decipher a confusing message he had been sent via Special:Emailuser requesting an unblock.
  • [11] zero0000 proposes a new policy to solve the problem of large amounts of quotations of opinions of journalists and commentators being added to articles on current events.
  • [12] Earle Martin points to the MfD of the RfA standards pages and requests comments from readers of the list.