KoyomiBot (ja: CalenderBot) is a proposed bot to maintain Japanese Wikipedia Main Page. It updates daily date related information on the main page.

The current KoyomiBot running on Japanese is written and operated by 利用者:Tietew. Please contact him for detail.


In the summer 2004, Juuitchan, a Spanish Wikipedian hereby proposed KoyomiBot(en: CalenderBot). The proposed bot would change a date related information on the Japanese Wikipedia Main page.

The message was daily changed manually. He does not read much Japanese, but the message in question appears to give the Gregorian date, the (semi-obsolete) Japanese lunar calendar date, the most recent and next Solar Terms, and some stuff I'm not sure how to identify.

He wanted to help updating the message on the Japanese Wikipedia main page, but this page was impossible to edit because of protection.

He proposed hereby KoyomiBot and got a following responce ...

Have you contacted the PyWikipediaBot developers about this? They are the people most likely to be able to do this. There is a pywikipediabot-users mailing list. Angela 20:32, 8 Jul 2004 (UTC)

Soon after a bot he proposed began to run on Japanese Wikipedia. One day Juuitchan found this message:

今日のこよみ 7月は、メインページの「今日のこよみ」欄に載せる項目の7月分を集めたページです。今日のこよみ欄は、botによりこのページから抽出され、毎日日本時間0:00頃更新されます。

The bot mentioned thereby is ちーぼっと(CheeBot). It does the task Juuichan had proposed. The Japanese Wikipedian Tietew created and operates this bot.

Here is the copy of CheeBot description:

出典: フリー百科事典『ウィキペディア (Wikipedia) 』
This is Cheebot; a bot program to update Template:今日の日付(ja: Date of today), Template:今日のこよみ(ja: Calender of today), and Template:今日は何の日(ja: What happend on this day?) every 0:00 JST.