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Kompass 2020 is the strategic plan for Wikimedia Deutschland. This plan establishes the medium- and long-term goals of the association.

Development edit


The plan is prepared in a collaborative process, ensuring that the result takes into account the wishes and expectations of all relevant groups (stakeholders) for the association. Planning was started during the board meeting in May 2009. Kompass 2020 was expected to be completed with a resolution at the Members’ Assembly 2010, most likely to be held in late spring.

Stakeholders edit

For the purpose of Kompass 2020, a stakeholder is someone who has a significant interest in and/or a large influence on the association. Various stakeholders are characterized by these two dimensions to differing degrees.

Vision edit

The overall concept for Kompass is the vision: a conception of how the idea of open content will develop by 2020. The vision was defined in the form of 12 individual statements by the board:

  1. Media publish free content and share our ideas.
  2. Free knowledge is present in the media.
  3. For Wikimedia-related issues, journalists have a direct line to WMDE.
  4. Free content can be found everywhere and is easy to use.
  5. The legislature regularly consults with the association as an expert in certain policy areas (such as copyright, education, knowledge, information policy).
  6. Anyone who wants to know something goes to Wikimedia.
  7. Wikimedia content is of high value, sound, and unsurpassed.
  8. All Wikimedia brands are established.
  9. The community finds, uses and appreciates support and assistance by the association.
  10. The community is open to anyone who is willing and able to participate in it.
  11. Commitment to open content is attractive; it is valued and appreciated.
  12. Wide acceptance and use of open content in education – we promote collaborative work processes.

The order of these individual statements is only for reference and has no further meaning. In particular, it is not a weighting or ranking. It is important to fulfill the entire vision, not the individual statements.

Strategic objectives edit

To begin the process of realizing the vision, it will first be broken down roughly into medium-term strategic objectives. These objectives serve as milestones, by which the actual realization of the vision can be measured. The medium-term is defined here as three to five years. Drafts for these objectives were prepared by the board departments and presented and approved at the second meeting in September 2009.

The strategic objectives by department:

These strategic objectives were made available for public discussion in this wiki by the beginning of October 2009. We were particularly interested in comments and suggestions for improvement. The deadline for the conclusion of the discussion was the beginning of November 2009, so we could discuss the results in the middle of November at the third board meeting and incorporate them into the plan.

Questions, requests, comments edit

Questions, requests and comments about Kompass 2020 may be placed on the discussion page of this page. Direct contact is also possible via e-mail to

The departments can also be addressed directly regarding the individual strategic objectives. Contact information can be found on the respective sub-pages.

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