Javanese Language Wikipedia Revitalization Project 2012-2013

Javanese Language Wikipedia Revitalization Project 2012-2013 is a follow up project to revitalize Javanese Language Wikipedia in 2011.

Learning from our best practice and lesson learn in a previous project, Wikimedia Indonesia design a combine systematical effort to do outreach with writing classes and writing drive in the form of competition in Javanese language Wikipedia.

The project expands to three cities and approaches six universities to join the competition. The writing classes hopefully will net a much more experienced and smarter new editors to compete against each other and will benefit Javanese Language Wikipedia in a form of increasing new editors and high quality Javanese languages encyclopedia articles.

Funded by
Code Funding Activities Rupiah
A Wikimedia Indonesia Outreach to Universities 10.000.000 833*
B Wikimedia CH Writing Classes and Competition 38,582,617 3,310*
C Wikimedia France Communication materials, training, and writing competition 48,064,908 3,500*
Total 96,647,525 7,639
*budget breakdown


Participating Universities edit


Via email to Kartika Sari Henry

WMCH board has vote the allocation of 40 000 000 IDR (approximatively 3900 CHF) to support revitalization of the Javanese Wikipedia. For us it's the first step of a collaboration between our two chapters, during the rest of the year 2012 we will try to find academic contact in Switzerland to join us in 2013. We want to evaluate our capacity in a project similar to our actual project share your knowledge
Charles Andrès on behalf of WMCH Board (April 3, 2012) .

Via email to Ivonne Kristiani

Wikimedia France will give a grant of 3500 € to WIkimedia Indonesia for the Wikipedia in Javanese contest. We will also add € 500 to reward the best article on France written during this contest.
Thierry Coudray on behalf of Wikimedia France (April 4, 2012).

National and local media coverage edit