is the mobile domain of the Italian Wikipedia.



Among the subdomains, it is possibly the one which saw the most dramatic growth in terms of visits, since 2012. stats:EN/PlotPageviewsIT.png gives an idea.

As for edits from, ??

  • w:it:Special:Tags counts less than 40k mobile web edits and 80k mobile edits in total, as of October 2014.
  • As of mid November 2014, we're seeing less than 100 unregistered mobile web edits per day, i.e. less than 1 % than the total. About 20 % of edits in total are from unregistered editors. It seems unlikely that whatever effect the permission change may be it will be visible on stats:EN/EditsRevertsIT.htm.

Unregistered users


As of 2014, unregistered users don't enjoy the same permissions on the mobile websites as they have normally.[1]

In October 2014, a configuration change has been decided by the Italian Wikipedia[2] and applied to the wiki[3] which let unregistered users edit between 2014-11-01 00:01 (UTC) and 2014-12-31 23:59 (UTC). The change is now permanent after T85317 (following a further discussion).

  • The first edit was made shortly after the midnight to w:it:Daddy's Gone from an Italian dynamic IP.[1]
  • bugzilla:72855: the cache prevented from editing pages, until Brandon Black purged them all on 2014-11-03 20 UTC.
    • Between 2015-01-07 and 2015-01-24, unregistered editing was disabled for a configuration error. [2] See phabricator:T91372#1139994.
    • Before 2015-04-01, another bug sometimes prevented the unregistered user from clicking the "Continue" or "Next" button to do/save the edit: phabricator:T94419.
    • Both bugs seem to have caused a spike in new active editors, probably because the edit buttons were in effect a huge registration CTA. [3] shows the rolling new active editors jumped from 450 to 650 in January 2015 and dropped in April when all bugs were fixed. Similar curves are seen on other wikis: [4].
  • phab:T74852 required 3 clicks to reach the editor. The fix reached Wikipedias on 2014-12-17.
  • gerrit:186591 made the "2 clicks" process more intuitive and was deployed on 2015-02-11.

November and December 2014 were used to determine main pain points, bugs and feature requests.[3] The Italian Wikipedia expressed the wish to «bear patience for a limited period» and to take the "risk".[2]



Some community members proposed to let users know of the change by

  • sitenotices (which however can't be mobile-only),
  • press releases (on which WMIT is currently not working),
  • ...



The desired effect is that editing experience becomes more consistent between it and it.m. Unless major new bugs are found which could not be considered, this is likely to be achieved.

Presumably, other effects will be seen in consequence, like an increase in number of edits and a decrease in mobile registrations.

(Both graphs are non-functioning as of 2014-12-20; they work again as of 2015-02-15.)

toollabs:maintgraph/view/edits.html shows daily edit stats: select "Variazione", "Edit utenti anonimi".



The ongoing discussion is positive towards the results. A manual assessment of 137 mobile web edits by unregistered users found that 66 % are positive, 22 % negative, 12 % neutral. Cf. stats:EN/EditsRevertsIT.htm.

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