Israeli statistics

Are Israeli statistics accurate and NPOV? Discussion will follow. The proposed template is at en:User:AdamRaizen/Ramla (recently updated as a result of the discussion) and there is a bit of discussion at en:User talk:AdamRaizen/Ramla.

Well, in a general sense they are what they are-- we cant be too picky, I agree. But I don't object to the .il statistics -- I object to them being installed en masse by a bot. To allow such is to validate those statistics in a way which they do not deserve. ~S~

Who is saying that the information is invalid, then? All information has to come from somewhere. And everything, on some level, is contravercial. There are even people who say that there is no such thing as absolute fact. (They are, of course, idiots, but that's not the point.) But we don't write a disclamer on every page saying "Some people don't think absolute facts exist, so this page could be meaningless" or just leave all facts off wikipedia, instead we write a paragraph on the w:knowledge (philosophy) page. Similarly, we might say "Source: CBS", and have something written at CBS about the opposition to these statistics. We have ample statistics from the US govt., and tons of people hate the US, you can't dispute that. LittleDan

<rant> To suggest that an apartheid state can on the one hand--deny access to healthcare to its non-citizens, starve them out, bulldoze homes, stifle a population of millions like it was drowning a puppy in a plastic grocery bag, not to mention cut electricity and block access to, and the Arabic language version of the Power Rangers-- and yet 'can still keep accurate "statistics" on population data,' is calling on the community to be at best naive.. (look it up). </rant> The statistics as they were originally described added up to 100.5 percent as I recall from the thread. ~S~

We in America do the same to illegal Mexican immigrants, not that I'm justifying it. And I can't find anything about blocking wikipedia or power rangers. I have a theory for how those statistics all fit together: 80.0% Jewish non-arab, 0.5% Arab Jewish, 15.4% Arab Christians, 4.0% Arab Christians. This only works if race and religion are treated as seperate entities in the Israeli Census, which they seem to be, looking at the CBS website. LittleDan

You're right-The UN could care less, and neither should the WP. (But not "care less" in terms of simply including it with a bot. ;) ~S~

The UN could care less, but the UN also doesn't care about most of Wikipedia (eg. w:Swimming). Plus, by precedent from Rambot, we can't dismiss these articles just because of their formulaic and boring nature, if that's what you were getting at. LittleDan

I didnt say such a plan was evil-- I simply said that humans have a history of fabricating stuff. You may be too young to believe that, but its true! And thanks for the <rant> tags -- nice touch. ~S~

We can't always assume that everything is false -- we wouldn't get anywhere that way. As for the <rant> tags, I actually stole the idea from Brion. LittleDan 02:16, 18 Sep 2003 (UTC)
Well, I sure didn't invent 'em, but I'm proud to have passed on an internet tradition to the new generation. :) (In all seriousness, it's good to remember that the subtle cues of voice and body language don't make it through text well. Tags and smilies may look silly to some, but being explicit is a good thing. In the absence thereof, MeatBall:AssumeGoodFaith!) --Brion VIBBER